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Family Law FAQs

Columbus Divorce & Family Law Attorney

If you are dealing with a family law matter, whether a divorce, custody dispute, or dissolution, you have much to gain by working with a skilled lawyer. At Elizabeth Warren, Esq. LLC, we want to provide the counsel and support you need through every step of your case. We are prepared to help even before you work with our firm, by providing straightforward information that can help you make better choices about your legal issue. Of course, we advise you to talk to a Columbus family law attorney as soon as possible, but we have also included some common questions and answers to help you better understand what you may be up against.

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  • What are some of the issues that will need to be sorted out at the end of a marriage?

    Some issues that will need to be sorted out at the end of a marriage are agreements regarding property division, debt, spousal support, and child custody and visitation if you have children. Ending a marriage is an emotional process – and a legal one as well.

  • What’s the difference between a divorce and dissolution?

    The difference between divorce and dissolution is that a dissolution is a non-adversarial approach to ending a marriage. With a dissolution, a couple agrees to reach their own arrangements regarding custody, support, and property without the involvement of the court.

    A divorce is necessary if a couple cannot agree upon every issue. Even a single impasse will result in the need to file for divorce with the court.

  • What are the benefits of a dissolution?

    The benefit of a dissolution is that for a couple who can agree upon custody, property division, and support, a dissolution offers a less expensive and faster option to end a marriage. It is also generally far less stressful for all parties involved. We offer a flat-fee dissolution, which takes the guesswork and surprise out of what it will cost for a dissolution.

  • How is custody determined in Ohio?

    In Ohio, custody is determined based on the child’s best interests. In awarding or denying custody or parenting time (visitation), the court may consider:

    • Each parent’s ability to provide a safe and beneficial home environment
    • The mental and physical health of each parent
    • Any history of abuse or mistreatment by either parent
    • Drug or alcohol abuse by either parent
    • In some cases, the child’s preference
    • Each parent’s relationship with the child
    • The child’s current living arrangements
    • Any other relevant factors or issues
  • Why should I work with an attorney?

    You should work with an attorney because any family law matter can be complex, and it can impact you in many ways. Having a Columbus family lawyer on your side means that you will have a legal professional to protect your rights, your assets, your interests, and your future. You can avoid common pitfalls and can experience the invaluable benefit of being able to focus on putting your life back together while your attorney handles your case.

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