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The Documents You'll Need for Your Divorce

Now that you are about to embark on the path to divorce, you will need to get your hands on certain pertinent documents to provide your attorney to really get the ball rolling. Divorce might be an emotional process, but it is also one that involves a heavy amount of paperwork and you might not know where to start.

We have compiled a list of important documents you should begin gathering to help move your divorce along:

  • Pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements: If you and your spouse have either a pre-nuptial or a post-nuptial agreement, you need to have a copy of it since this document often does a lot of the hard work for both parties. This means you already hashed out a settlement in the event of a divorce, saving you both the time and hassle of having to negotiate or go to court.
  • Evidence of monthly expenses: Try to gather as much evidence of this as you can to provide an accurate account of your monthly expenses. This should include your rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, insurance payments, loan payments, credit card payments, and more.
  • Tax returns: You will need to have at least the past 2 years of your income tax returns. If you filed your taxes separately, you are going to need a copy of your spouse’s returns in addition to your own.
  • Pay stubs: Gather the last two months’ worth of pay stubs for you and your spouse, including any other bonuses either one of you received.
  • Real estate documents: If you own a home, you will need a copy to the title, in addition to other documents, such as mortgage documents, promissory notes, lease agreements, and other real estate financial statements. You will also need to have a record of any properties you sold.
  • A list of property you own: Property does not only mean real estate. You will need a list of other things of value, such as artwork, furniture, books, jewelry, dishes, rugs, clothing, and other items of substantial value. Break the list of items down into items you purchased during the marriage, before the marriage, and anything that was either a gift or inheritance.
  • Estate planning documents: If you or your spouse have executed any trusts, wills, power of attorneys, or other estate planning documents, you need to have copies of these as well.
  • Business documents: If either of you owns a business or share one, you need to include all business documents and the percentage of ownership you and your spouse have.
  • Vehicle titles: This includes not only cars, but boats, motorcycles, ATVs, or even airplanes.

Make sure you schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney to learn more about what other documents you should retrieve that are necessary for your divorce.

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