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Coping with Common Child Custody Issues Over the Holidays

When divorcing spouses share children, child custody is often one of the biggest issues in their divorce settlement. If you have joint custody, both parents might be able to enjoy an equal amount of time with the children, or time might be split unevenly based on an arrangement agreed upon by both parents or by the court. Even in cases where one parent has sole custody, the other parent would be allowed a visitation schedule, giving the child an opportunity to have a relationship with both parents.

During the holidays, determining custody can be even more difficult. How can a parent cope with these issues to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the holiday season?

Splitting the Holiday Season

Typically, schedules for parenting time split the holidays. For example, if a family celebrates Christmas, the children might spend Christmas Eve at one parent’s home and Christmas Day at the other parents’ home. The following year, the parents would swap days, so that the parent who spent Christmas Eve with the children the previous year, would now be able to spend Christmas Day with them.

Of course, in situations where parents were able to maintain a more amicable relationship, they might be able to work out their own unique schedule. If one parent places a higher value on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, they might agree to always share that day with the children instead of swapping every year.

Additionally, parents might also choose to alternate between holidays. One parent might have the children for Thanksgiving and Easter while the other will have them for Christmas. The following year, they would alternate the holidays, so the other parent could have them over for Christmas. When parents are able to cooperate and negotiate these details, it greatly benefits the children. Otherwise, if they are unable to come to an agreement, the courts will have to set up a schedule for them, which they must both obey.

Remember to Keep the Kids in Mind

Unfortunately, determining custody over the holidays can often spiral out of control and quickly turn into an argument over what is fair, which will not help your children. Having to shuttle the kids back and forth between two different households just so both parents can get equal time with them will only create chaos for them and might not be much fun for them. Instead of focusing on what you want, you and your former spouse need to focus on what is best for the children and how to make the transition between households easier on them. Remember, this is their holiday vacation and they want to enjoy it without feeling like they are being pulled apart in a tug of war between you and your ex-spouse.

Additionally, try to give the kids plenty of notice regarding holiday plans to reduce their anxiety and allow them to relax and enjoy the holidays with both parents.

Experienced Child Custody Attorney in Columbus

If you and your former spouse are hitting some obstacles regarding how you plan to co-parent during the holidays and who gets to spend time with the kids on certain special days, you will need a skilled child custody attorney on your side to help you navigate this situation while protecting your interests. At Elizabeth Warren, Esq. LLC, our knowledgeable child custody attorney will advocate for you and your children to ensure a decision that is in the best interests of your children is reached.

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