Flat Fee Dissolution Option

Now offering flat fee options for dissolutions and uncontested divorce.

What’s the benefits of a flat fee?

• You know the total cost upfront!
• You don’t have to worry about billable hours.
• You get the benefit of working with an attorney who will guide you through the process avoiding; Unnecessary costs, Unnecessary delays, Incorrect filings that require filing it again and again.
• Provides a peace of mind that someone has your interests in mind.
• Knowing that I will handle all the hard parts of paperwork; freeing you up to take care of yourself and your needs!

PLUS! You can AVOID COURT ALL TOGETHER!!! Come in for your consult and I will tell you how!!!

PRICES: Each case is slightly different depending on the complexity involved. Get your quote at the free consultation!

Dissolution Guide

Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional.   — Max Lucado

Picking Your Plan
1. No two dissolutions are alike. We listen to your specific concerns and questions and carefully craft a plan with your needs and goals in mind.
2. Once you settle on a plan, then we get to work! But don’t worry, we will take this step by step keeping you informed of all progress along the way.

Initial Paperwork
1. First, you will receive a Welcome Packet including: Fee agreement; Communication Resource; Client Information Packet and Dissolution Discussion Guide. These are aids for this process and provide pertinent information.
2. Read and return a completed Fee Agreement and Client Information Packet. This will be filled out first so that we can create your affidavits; which is what we use to build the rest of the agreements.
3. Once we complete the draft affidavits they will be sent electronically for comment and review. Once approved, we will move onto the next step of creating the necessary agreements.
4. Parenting Plan (if you have children) and Separation Agreements must be filed with the Court; this is a very important step of the process as each of you will need to be in total agreement in order to proceed with this step. If you get stuck, use the discussion guide, or give my office a call! We will provide you with guidance to keep the process moving.
5. Signing all paperwork. Once everyone is in an agreement of all the initial paperwork and agreements, we will bring you in (either individually or together) and execute these documents. They need signed and notarized; all of which can be done in my office.
6. Filing is the last step of this initial phase! CONGRATS! You have completed 90% of the work of the dissolution.

30 Day Waiting Period

Once everything is filed, there is a state mandatory waiting period of 30 days before the final hearing and conclusion of your dissolution.

What to do during this period?
1. If you have children, make sure you have completed the on-line parenting class. This will need to be done prior to the final hearing.
2. We will schedule your final hearing at court or with a private judge (YES, you can get a dissolution WITHOUT GOING TO COURT!)
3. Review the final documents, sign and return to the office for filing.
4. If you are selecting to split retirement, then there will be some extra paperwork in this period of time.
5. Transfer all titles that you can/need to.
6. Separate all bank accounts, and other joint liabilities.

Final Hearing

Downtown: If you choose not to use a private judge, your hearing will be set in a court room with a judge downtown at the Franklin County Court House. The address is 373 S. High Street, Columbus, OH 43026. The hearing will be on the 6 th floor and you will be given the name of the judge and the court room prior to the final hearing. Please dress business casual, no hats are permitted, and arrive 15 minutes early. Allot about an hour or more in your schedule for this hearing. The hearing itself is very quick, but there may be a wait depending on the Court’s schedule.

Private Judge: If you choose to utilize a private judge, we will work with you to get a date and time. The hearing will be held in my office and will last about 15 minutes. There is no specific dress code. Please arrive 15 minutes early for the hearing. The hearing typically lasts 15 minutes.

Last Steps

The final hearing is over and your dissolution is complete, but there may be some loose ends to tie up and things you might want to consider the following as next steps:
1. Final Forms: If you choose a private judge, I will go downtown and pick up 2 copies of the certified decree of dissolution. I will mail these hard copies to the client and the client will share with the spouse. If the final hearing is in the Court house, the final paperwork will be available (typically same day) on the 4 th floor.
2. Name Change: If you are planning on changing your last name, you will need to take the certified decree to social security administration.
3. Quit Claim: If a quit claim is needed in your case, I can file this paperwork. There is a filing fee with the auditor’s office and recorder’s office. This fee will be sent as an invoice and is due at time of receipt.
4. Wills: If you have an outdated will, now is the time to freshen it up! Or if you never had one, it is highly recommended that you get one. I suggest not just a Will, but a Living Will as well. My team can create these documents for you if you wish for a reasonable fee.
5. QDRO: If there is a distribution of retirement funds, this process often takes longer than the dissolution process. Anticipate that it will be concluded a month or two after the final hearing.
6. Title transfers: If there is any other provision involving a title transfer, please make sure to do that on a timely manner.

Attorney Goals

My team is here to make this process as smooth as possible. We will keep you informed throughout your dissolution as well as answer any questions along the way.
Our aim is to guide you through each step, giving you the information and support you need so you are empowered to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Most dissolutions take on average approximately 2-6 months from the very start to the final hearing, depending on the complexity of the issues involved.

Building a Team

We are a team. The success and ease of this process largely depends on open communication. Please make sure to raise any issues or concerns so that they can be addressed promptly. Also, please make sure to return the paperwork in a timely fashion so that we can keep the process moving and we will do the same. Of course life happens! And if you get stuck, or just need time, that is not a problem! This is your process; we are here to help!

Please note: Dissolutions are based on full agreements between you and your spouse. If an agreement cannot be reached, then we will need to con vert the case to a contested divorce; at which time my hourly rate applies and a retainer is required.

Fee Schedule

At Elizabeth Warren, Esq. LLC, we aim for complete transparency in billing. You will be given a fee break down sheet explaining the costs. Because we offer a FLAT RATE for dissolutions, you will never be surprised by the cost of the process.
Full payment is required at the initiation of the case, and then you don’t have to worry about any other fee or any additional billing 1!
We look forward to working with you!
~Elizabeth A. Warren
1 The only exception is the cost of a Quitclaim Deed; which will have an additional fee for the cost of recording the deed.