Divorce And Dissolution

With You Every Step Of The Way
Divorce can be a very lonely time for some people. Even if it’s the right choice for you, it is hard to navigate the process when you feel like there is no one on your side.

At Elizabeth A. Warren, Esq. LLC, in Hilliard, Ohio, I take the time to listen to my clients and their goals. I will stay by your side from beginning to end, no matter which family law process you are going through:

• Legal separation: Although you are still married, legal separation allows a couple to create an agreement about spousal support, child custody and support, and property division.

• Dissolution: When both spouses agree to end a marriage, they can submit a petition for dissolution to the court. A judge will review their proposed agreement before it is granted.

• Divorce: In Ohio, a divorce is when one spouse files a lawsuit seeking the end of a marriage. The couple can decide the terms of their divorce together or the court can do it for them.

• Military divorce: A military divorce is often much more complex than a civilian divorce. I understand the relevant laws and can help you through the process.

The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

It’s normal for a couple to disagree on things when working out the end of a marriage, but that does not mean that divorce should be your first option. Many couples are able to work through their issues in mediation.

I have experience helping couples through the mediation process. In the end, it comes down to whom you would rather have deciding the terms of your dissolution: you and your spouse or a judge who doesn’t know you.

However, there are times where couples simply cannot reach an agreement. In those cases, I will be prepared to advocate for you in court.

If We Agree On Everything, Do I Need An Attorney?
Even if you and your spouse agree on everything, it’s important to have a lawyer review your documents to make sure they are complete and in order. If you don’t and find out later that you did something wrong, it can be nearly impossible to undo it.