Hilliard Child Custody Lawyer

Before I became an attorney, I went through a child custody dispute of my own. It was during that time I realized that to truly be an advocate for my child, I needed to understand the law. I know that not everyone can change career paths, so I strive to use my knowledge of the law to advocate for my clients and their children.

At my law firm, Elizabeth A. Warren, Esq. LLC, in Hilliard, Ohio, I have helped people through many types of family law issues involving child custody, including:

• Child support agreements
• Modifications of child custody and support
• Parental alienation
• Grandparent custody

An owl might seem like a strange symbol for a law firm, but its meaning encapsulates my mission as a lawyer completely. To learn more about the owl, visit my Practice Philosophy page.

Always Focused On Your Child’s Best Interests

Every parent wants what is best for his or her child. When it comes to child custody, however, not all parents agree on what that is. Child custody decisions can easily become clouded by parents’ feelings toward each other. It is my goal to keep each of my clients focused on what is most important: the well-being of their child or children.

The most important thing when determining child custody is finding a way to maintain the special relationship you have with your child. No matter what your legal standing, I can help you find a way to do this.