Elizabeth A. Warren

My first career was as an educator where I worked at Stanford University and The Ohio State University. I had never considered becoming an attorney until the moment I was engaged in my own custody case. I knew right away that the system was broken, and if I was going to protect my child, then I would need to know the law as well as anyone. So I walked away from my profession as an educator and put myself through law school.

I have never looked back. I love what I do, and helping people navigate some of the most difficult times. I combine my knowledge and personal experience to advocate for all of my clients. Meet with us and discover firsthand what makes our firm unique. Our no-nonsense approach, dedication to being firm, fair and consistent, we are just the right people to have at your side.

Experience the Difference!

Before we were attorneys, we were clients. We know firsthand how scary and uncertain a divorce, dissolution or child custody issue may be. We aim to transform our experience into a better practice of law. We know that nothing is more important that your family. We treat each client with the same care and conviction we would expect ourselves.

Being an attorney requires more than knowledge of the law; it demands that we can navigate and overcome uncertainty. No one knows more about the potential pitfalls than someone who has been there themselves. Caring yet firm, we use our experience to better yours.